The third day of the EuroGastro fair: Honors for Innovation and Excellence

The third day of the EuroGastro fair: Honors for Innovation and Excellence

EuroGastro, one of the most significant events in the culinary industry, entered its third day with great enthusiasm and excitement. On this day, not only culinary novelties but also exceptional achievements and innovations in this dynamically evolving field took center stage.

The highlight of the third day of the fair was the solemn presentation of further trade awards, which recognize the most outstanding achievements of exhibitors. The President of the National Trade Chamber, Mr. Dariusz Drąg, personally presented the medals in four key categories: fair premiere, fair product, fair exhibition, and innovation.

In the “Fair Premiere” category, recognition was given to the All-Poland Association of Chefs and Confectioners and the company Unox. Meanwhile, the award for “Fair Product” was bestowed upon Litex and Multi Gastro.

In the “Fair Exhibition” category, the booth of SCM was recognized for its creativity in presenting their assortment, attracting the attention of visitors and leaving a lasting impression. Equally significant were the awards in the “Innovation” category, received by companies: Leven Group, Winterhalter Gastronom Polska, Komat, LOFRA/GastroProdukt Professional.

On the final day, journalists from the trade studio continued their work by conducting interviews with representatives of the awarded companies. This was an excellent opportunity not only to get to know the awarded products and solutions better but also to discuss the future of the culinary industry and its challenges.

The third day of the EuroGastro fair proved to be not only a time for honoring achievements but also an inspiring platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences, indicating the direction for further development in gastronomy.


EuroGastro Awards: Recognitions for Industry Representatives on the Second Day of the Fair

EuroGastro Awards: Recognitions for Industry Representatives on the Second Day of the Fair

On the second day of the EuroGastro fair, held in an atmosphere of intense flavors and innovative solutions, not only were exceptional dishes enjoyed, but industry representatives were also recognized for their contribution to the development of the gastronomic reality. During the solemn award ceremony, the President of the National Trade Chamber, Mr. Dariusz Drąg, honored the winners of three key categories: fair premiere, fair product, and innovation.

In the “Fair Premiere” category, awards were given to companies that presented the most intriguing and surprising debuts during this year’s fair: ONNERA POLAND, Foods Brothers, Pro Ascobloc. EuroGastro is where creativity meets market expectations. The winners of this category are a true inspiration for other exhibitors and confirm that the future of gastronomy is shaped by rapid innovation.

The second award, in the “Fair Product” category, was received by representatives of companies whose products stood out for their exceptional quality, flavor, and attractiveness to customers: MEXTRA, MIL-System, Marestro Polska/Alsimo. The EuroGastro fair is not only a place of presentation but also a test where products must meet high consumer expectations and demands.

It is also worth emphasizing the importance of the “Innovation” category, where companies introducing innovative technological solutions that are changing the face of contemporary gastronomy were recognized. The awards in this category were received by: Klub Szefów Kuchni, Świat Kominków, 6G Group, Metroopack, HERT, Bagstar. The awards confirm that innovation and technology play a crucial role in striving for excellence in the culinary and commercial industry.

EuroGastro, through the awards granted, not only distinguishes the best but also serves as a platform for exchanging experiences, inspiration, and cooperation. The third day of the fair will bring further events, presentations, and flavorful discoveries, maintaining the level of excitement and passion among participants.

Trade Note: Euro Gastro Journalistic Interviews Center

During the second day of the Euro Gastro fair, journalists in the trade studio conducted fascinating interviews with representatives of outstanding companies. Join us on the third day, where we will continue conversations with leaders in the gastronomic industry and discover the latest trends and innovations. The trade studio starts at 11:30!


First day of EuroGastro fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo

First day of EuroGastro fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo

On the first day of the EuroGastro trade fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the enthusiasm of the gastronomic industry reached its peak, and the event became a platform not only for presenting novelties but also for honoring the most outstanding representatives of the sector. Mr. Dariusz Drąg, the president of the National Trade Chamber, awarded prestigious trade prizes in the form of medals.

In six strategic categories, companies were distinguished for surpassing the competition in terms of innovation, product quality, and presentation creativity. In the “Trade Premiere” category, Miele was recognized for surprising the market audience with the most innovative product debuting at the trade booth.

The award in the “Trade Product” category went to companies distinguished by the highest quality of presented products: Lubiana, Kera-Ceramika.
In the “Trade Exhibition” category, recognition was given to: Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the company Dawtona. Bold booth arrangements attracted the attention of visitors.

In the “Innovation” category, the Chapter honored companies that presented the most groundbreaking solutions in the field of gastronomy: Tarsmak Gondek and Partners, Elavon, Weindich, Gerlach. This award is for those who boldly move forward, introducing unique technologies and concepts.
The special award “Product of the Year” went to the company Lovely Linen.

All awards were received by deserving representatives of the distinguished companies, and the medals are an expression of appreciation for their contribution to the industry’s development. EuroGastro at Ptak Warsaw Expo is off to a promising start, emerging as a significant event for entrepreneurs and gastronomy enthusiasts, united by a common passion for innovation and excellent taste.

During the first day of the EuroGastro trade fair, journalists conducted a series of interviews with representatives of distinguished companies in the trade studio. The conversations focused on innovative products, creative solutions, and the prospects for the development of the gastronomy industry. Join us for the next day of the fair, where more fascinating discussions and inspirations await discovery! Starting at 11:30.


International contracting in the HoReCa industry and demonstrations by master chefs. We invite you to the 27th edition of EuroGastro

International contracting in the HoReCa industry and demonstrations by master chefs. We invite you to the 27th edition of EuroGastro

EuroGastro is one of the most valued events in Europe regarding the catering and HoReCa industry. Its 27th edition will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo on March 12-14, 2024.

EuroGastro is an event known for international contracts and demonstrations by the best chefs in Poland and Europe. Its quality is confirmed by the growing interest it enjoys year by year. Last year’s 26th edition attracted almost 16,000 visitors from 22 countries. Among them were guests from Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Italy.

EuroGastro offers international business development opportunities. This is an opportunity to expand your own offers thanks to cooperation with foreign contractors and to open up to new markets. It is an opportunity to establish business contacts with leaders of the HoReCa and catering industries, as well as to take advantage of the highest quality solutions available in the sector.

Accompanying fair

During the upcoming edition of the EuroGastro fair, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the product offerings of exhibitors from the World Hotel, Wine Warsaw Expo, and Beer Warsaw Expo sectors.

Who will appear at EuroGastro?

Although there is still a lot of time until EuroGastro (the event will take place on March 12-14, 2024 at Ptak Warsaw Expo), we are already pleased to inform you about the presence of the most valued brands during the event. This group will include, among others, UNOX, SCM, WinterHalter, Ascobloc, RESTOQUALITY, GASTROPRODUKT, LITEX, ATRE, LUBIANA, Tarsmak, GERLACH, SMEG, PURENA, Żywiec Zdrój, PRAMAZUT, Miele and Essity.

At the same time as EuroGastro, the hotel industry fair, World Hotel, will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo. This will be the 16th anniversary of this event. More information soon.

Portal Basenprof – the largest media in the pool/spa industry in Poland

Portal Basenprof – the largest media in the pool/spa industry in Poland

We deliver daily information for the pool/spa industry. Our readers include: Spa hotel management, swimming pools, Aquaparks, sports facilities, local government, contractors, investors, designers, and industry professionals, and our experts are the leading brands guaranteeing experience, quality, and knowledge.

Basenprof Portal is the organizer of the largest industry conference Hotel Spa Pools and Saunaria, and as the brand Academy Of Pool Experts educates the management and staff of the pool/spa industry. The think tank of the portal, the Pool Infrastructure Development Agency, conducts audits and certifications, as well as all opinion-forming activities, providing knowledge and supporting the industry.

New Date of the EuroGastro and World Hotel

New date of the EuroGastro and World Hotel!

With pleasure, we announce the new date for the EuroGastro and World Hotel trade fairs in the year 2024! The trade fairs will take place from March 12th to March 14th, 2024. It will be an excellent opportunity for all enthusiasts of the gastronomic industry to come together, exchange experiences, and discover the latest trends in the world of gastronomy. We invite you to participate and explore the novelties at this year’s premier trade fairs, Beer Warsaw Expo and Wine Warsaw Expo!

Nicholas Allen's show, Polish Gastronomy Forum and workshops with the most important chefs in Poland. The success of the 26th edition of EuroGastro

Nicholas Allen's show, Polish Gastronomy Forum and workshops with the most important chefs in Poland. The success of the 26th edition of EuroGastro

There is one event in Poland that not only integrates the catering and HoReCa industries, but also provides visitors with workshops, knowledge and shows that they will not experience anywhere else. This is EuroGastro, whose 26th edition took place on March 28-30, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The special guest of the event was the famous master of culinary arts, Nicholas Allen.

HERT, Debic, National Association of Chefs and Confectioners, Club of Chefs, Gastroprodukt, LSI Software, Metro Catering System, Ascobloc, UNOX, Pramazut, Kambukka, Real Ice Cream, Purena, Żywiec Zdrój, MIL System, Bittner, SCM, Kera Ceramika or Speed Floors – these concepts, among others, were present during the largest and most popular international fair of solutions for the HoReCa and catering industry – EuroGastro. The event organized at Ptak Warsaw Expo has enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. The proof of this is the fact that in 2023 the 26th edition of the event took place.

Full power of EuroGastro possibilities

What makes EuroGastro considered the most attractive, substantive and best presented business event in the industry? First of all, a wide spectrum of presented possibilities – both professional and entertainment.

As a business event, EuroGastro guaranteed visitors the most attractive and durable solutions dedicated to the industry. The participants could see a wide range of offers from respected suppliers: kitchen equipment, equipment used in baking, confectionery and ice-cream, products from producers and distributors of food, beverages, coffee and alcohol, as well as a full range of hotel, restaurant and bar equipment. The event not only gave the opportunity to establish cooperation with new entities, but also to do so on preferential terms, gaining attractive discounts.

Another important element of the fair was the Polish Gastronomy Forum. It was an accompanying event focused on both education and acquiring substantive knowledge, as well as learning in practice thanks to workshops improving competences. Debates were held on the conduct and growth of activities related to the industry, trends in global gastronomy were analyzed, and the needs of the new gastronomy market were examined.

In addition, the participants could take part in the shows of masters of the culinary arts. Among them were, among others, Nicholas Allen, former chef in restaurants with Michelin stars, Marcin Sobol, president of the European association Euro Toques Polska and Jarosław Owczarczyk, Tomasz Królikowski, Waldemar Hołówka, Janusz Gancarczyk, Kamil Klekowski and others.

The success of the 26th edition of EuroGastro translated into the planning of the next one. This will take place on March 26-28, 2024. Join us!

The most interesting solutions, industry innovations. Welcome to EuroGastro

The most interesting solutions, industry innovations. Welcome to EuroGastro

The most current topics, the search for solutions to mounting challenges and networking integrating the industry - all this will be available during the 26th edition of EuroGastro, an international fair of solutions for the HoReCa industry. They will take place on March 28-30, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

The Polish catering industry has faced many challenges in recent years. The pandemic, Russia’s attack on Ukraine, followed by galloping inflation and rising costs of doing business were key tests of business sustainability for many. Therefore, this service sector needed a platform for dialogue between entrepreneurs who have questions and experts who know the answers to them. It became EuroGastro, the most famous event dedicated to the gastronomy and HoReCa industry in Europe. Its 26th edition will take place on March 28-30 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

EuroGastro - a place where the industry meets

EuroGastro is an event strongly defined for networking, building business relationships and exchanging useful information between potential partners. It is a platform that allows you to get acquainted with industry novelties that are revolutionizing international markets, but also gives the opportunity to implement these solutions in individual enterprises. The final effect is to increase competitiveness, expand the network of mutual dependencies, expand the business base and thus increase the “security” of business.

In addition, EuroGastro is an international event, attracting foreign audiences and visitors from all over the world. This is its undoubted advantage, because it allows you to open your own business to yet inaccessible contractors and expand export to countries that have so far been beyond the reach of the company.

The event also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the widest industry offer on the market, accelerate business negotiations thanks to the presence of decision-makers and competition analysis, which will present its capabilities at this international fair.

Forum Polskiej Gastronomii

EuroGastro also gives a unique opportunity to participate in an event that not only interferes with the gastronomy and HoReCa industry, but above all gives answers to the most bothering questions of its representatives. Forum Polskiej Gastronomii is an accompanying event organized thanks to the cooperation of Ptak Warsaw Expo with the Chefs Club, the Polish Association of Chefs and Confectioners, the Chamber of Commerce of Polish Gastronomy and Euro-Toques.

What will happen during the Forum Polskiej Gastronomii? Among other things, substantive workshops that will introduce a new dimension of cooking. There will be shows of masters of the culinary arts and additional competitions with prizes. The educational side will be taken care of by experts operating in the industry, who will indicate the best practices that can be implemented in business, sensitize to what to watch out for when setting up a catering business and how to make the business more “resistant” to the crisis. In addition, participants will be able to take advantage of an in-depth analysis of trends on the global market and knowledge about what the domestic industry needs to take the next step forward.

EuroGastro numbers and stars

The estimated participation in the three days of EuroGastro in the 2023 edition is about 49,000 participants. About two hundred exhibitors will present their offers in the field of bakery, confectionery, coffee, drink&bar, food and beverages, hotel, restaurant and bar equipment, and kitchen facilities on 25,000 m2 of exhibition space.

During the event there will also be stars who will show their craftsmanship and share their experience. Among them will be Nicholas Allen, a former chef in restaurants with Michelin stars. Currently working at the Da Vinci restaurant, he specializes in English, French, Arabic, Asian cuisine, exquisite continental cuisine and molecular cuisine.

The group of invited culinary experts will also include Waldemar Hołówka, Janusz Gancarczyk, Kamil Klekowski, Marek Rybacki, Michał Wawro, Bartek Peter, Jarosław Uściski, Marcin Bielec, Jacek Walczyk, Katarzyna Bosacka, Marek Namysłowski, Radek Kłapacz, Marcin Sobol, Iwona Niemczewska and Krzysztof Malinowski.

Secure your participation in EuroGastro today. For more details, go to:

Trends in Gastronomy for 2023

Trends in Gastronomy for 2023

The American gastronomy market has seen an increase in sales, largely due to price rises. QSR Magazine notes that the accessible luxury offered by restaurants remains unchanged. The gastronomy market in Poland is still in the rebuilding phase after the pandemic, but the industry has already “caught up” and is introducing new solutions to optimize restaurant operations. In 2023, restaurateurs can expect to see the continuation of trends related to process optimization and innovation that will give customers the feeling of well-invested money and relaxation. Of note are gastronomy trends related to green kitchens, based on local and ecological ingredients, as well as food delivery and remote ordering solutions.

Comfort foods

In the upcoming year, the trend in gastronomy will be to explore new flavors and forms of serving dishes, such as comfort foods. One example is the growing popularity of chicken sandwiches, which will offer even more flavors, textures, and ingredients. Another trend is the increasing popularity of healthier alternatives to fast food, such as wraps and Spanish tapas, which will be available to take away.

Ghost kitchens

In 2023, it is predicted that more and more restaurants will invest in so-called “ghost kitchens”, i.e. kitchens that are only used to prepare online orders. Virtual restaurants allow for reduct costs, such as rent, equipment, and staffing.

Dual branding

Another interesting trend in gastronomy is the combination of two different brands in one location. Dual branding involves having two different gastronomic concepts operating in one restaurant, which allows for an expanded offering and increased attractiveness to different customer groups. Polish startup Rebel Tang takes it a step further, offering ready-made casual dining brands that can be used by other entrepreneurs in their establishments.


Applications are becoming increasingly important in the gastronomy industry, so many restaurants opt for their use. Table reservation applications allow for easier resource management and increased reservation rates. Shopping apps allow for food ordering at lower prices and also increase the efficiency of staff hiring. With apps, restaurants can also promote themselves and receive feedback from customers. It is important to remember to provide a high-quality wifi network in the restaurant, including in the garden, to allow customers to use the apps.

Return to Classics

We increasingly see a return to classic flavors and dishes prepared according to traditional recipes, but this is no longer only a manifestation of traditionalism. People are experimenting with these flavors, preparing them in different ways, even outside of holiday periods. According to research conducted by WGSN, as many as 46% of Poles admit to consuming traditional dishes not only during holidays but also on ordinary days.

Vegetarian dishes

More and more Poles are becoming interested in plant-based cuisine and are opting for vegetarian and vegan dishes. According to the survey, already 31% of Poles regularly eat meatless dishes, and 17% of all restaurant orders are vegetarian and vegan dishes. Among the most popular dishes of this type are margherita pizza, vegetarian sushi and Greek salad. Interestingly, carnivores are also increasingly turning to these types of dishes.