EuroGastro Awards: Recognitions for Industry Representatives on the Second Day of the Fair

On the second day of the EuroGastro fair, held in an atmosphere of intense flavors and innovative solutions, not only were exceptional dishes enjoyed, but industry representatives were also recognized for their contribution to the development of the gastronomic reality. During the solemn award ceremony, the President of the National Trade Chamber, Mr. Dariusz Drąg, honored the winners of three key categories: fair premiere, fair product, and innovation.

In the “Fair Premiere” category, awards were given to companies that presented the most intriguing and surprising debuts during this year’s fair: ONNERA POLAND, Foods Brothers, Pro Ascobloc. EuroGastro is where creativity meets market expectations. The winners of this category are a true inspiration for other exhibitors and confirm that the future of gastronomy is shaped by rapid innovation.

The second award, in the “Fair Product” category, was received by representatives of companies whose products stood out for their exceptional quality, flavor, and attractiveness to customers: MEXTRA, MIL-System, Marestro Polska/Alsimo. The EuroGastro fair is not only a place of presentation but also a test where products must meet high consumer expectations and demands.

It is also worth emphasizing the importance of the “Innovation” category, where companies introducing innovative technological solutions that are changing the face of contemporary gastronomy were recognized. The awards in this category were received by: Klub Szefów Kuchni, Świat Kominków, 6G Group, Metroopack, HERT, Bagstar. The awards confirm that innovation and technology play a crucial role in striving for excellence in the culinary and commercial industry.

EuroGastro, through the awards granted, not only distinguishes the best but also serves as a platform for exchanging experiences, inspiration, and cooperation. The third day of the fair will bring further events, presentations, and flavorful discoveries, maintaining the level of excitement and passion among participants.

Trade Note: Euro Gastro Journalistic Interviews Center

During the second day of the Euro Gastro fair, journalists in the trade studio conducted fascinating interviews with representatives of outstanding companies. Join us on the third day, where we will continue conversations with leaders in the gastronomic industry and discover the latest trends and innovations. The trade studio starts at 11:30!