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EuroGastro and WorldHotel 2019 meet business expectations

On 27-29 March 2019, over 22 thousand people visited the stands of nearly 300 Exhibitors from
21 countries. The guests came from 40 different countries. The Trade Fair, held for the first time in Ptak Warsaw Expo, was very positively received by the representatives of both gastronomy and hotel industry. The event featured top-quality specialist trainings and conferences, and numerous culinary competitions and master shows made the event even more attractive. Exhibitors’ stands were teeming with life, so it is not surprising that participants were satisfied and content.

Let’s hear from the Exhibitors

“During this year’s edition of the Trade Fair, first of all, we showcase a comprehensive range of equipment for brewing coffee. We strive to focus on the quality and innovation of our products,” said Krzysztof Melon, President of Koree Company. He added: “Previous editions of the Trade Fair recall nice memories, but they also remind me of difficulties I had in physically get there. I find the choice of the new location very appropriate due to the perspectives of the event’s development and growth.”

The name of the Electrolux company does speak for itself. Janusz Stankiewicz, Area Manager Central East Europe said: “This year, we have been especially promoting the wet cleaning system. It will not damage even such delicate materials as silk or viscose. It is a perfect alternative to dry cleaning.” He was also very pleased with the new location of the Trade Fair: “It is far better than the previous one, the access here is more convenient and there are no problems with parking spaces.”

The very spacious stand of the Hendi company hosted numerous meetings, presentations and tastings. High-end catering equipment was used, including ovens by Hendi Nan, Lainox Naboo and Oracle Lainox. The participants had an opportunity to discover, inter alia, the secrets of Italian pizza baking revealed by Italian and Polish pizza masters. Hendi brand ambassador Kurt Scheller drew visitors’ attention like a magnet and lavished on colourful comments. Asked how he liked the Trade Fair, he replied: “Very much indeed, in the previous location, there was worse transport and fewer people attending. Even though, when we organized the shows, they [visitors] were crumpled like canned sardines. This venue here is much more spacious, even though there are far more visitors attending.”

The Winterhalter stand was dominated by the state-of-the-art under-top dishwasher from the UC series. “We call it a masterpiece,” said proudly Marcin Wajda, Marketing and PR Director. “Needless to say, this is not the only product we are presenting at the Trade Fair. Here we offer the most comprehensive range of our machines. The change of the event location was associated with some risk and we did realize that. Now I can say that it was a good decision. We were very positively impressed with the attendance, the number of serious business talks has surpassed our expectations and reassured us that this is the best event for the HoReCa industry in Poland.”

The alluring flavour of original Italian pizza attracted the visitors to the Morello Forni stand. “This is the first time that we decided to take part in EuroGastro due to its new attractive location,” explained Fabio Cesarone from the sales department. “Here, we are promoting our pizza ovens. We combine an equipment show with tasting to prove directly its true value. We are very pleased to be here as this event is comparable to other large European trade fairs where we have exhibited our offer.”

Kuvings juice extruders at the stand of Domowe Sanatorium Zimnoch sp.j. were working at full speed during all trade fair days. It was no surprise, since Barbara Pacholczyk, a real volcano of energy, invited to the tasting. “Our adventure began two years ago, when we won the EuroGastro award. Now it’s harvest time. We promote and offer high quality and efficient devices. This year we have many more customers. I believe that this is mostly due to a new location, more space and wider communication routes.”

“We have been present at EuroGastro for 16 years now”, said Tomasz Obracaj, the owner of Apro-Trade. “We promote the Tom Caffe brand here, which is the result of our 20 years of business activity. Since tastes are different, we offer five cult blends. There is plenty to choose from.”

The Four Seasons Tincture turned out to be one of the Trade Fair’s blockbusters. “This is a unique product in Poland, extremely difficult to make at home,” praised Anna Papierzyńska, Sales Director of Nalewki Staropolskie. “Our product portfolio includes 30 flavours and products ordered by, inter alia, the Chancellery of the President and Prime Minister, as souvenirs for important representatives of political, cultural and business environments. Our presence at the Trade Fair has already become a tradition, we like it, it is undoubtedly the largest and the most important event of this type in Poland. I am pleased that this year, with the relocation of the event, it is easier to get here and the hall is more spacious and offers new opportunities”.

Sweet, handmade chocolates made by Marcin Paździora were the base for desserts prepared during the Greek Cuisine Festival. The melt-in-the-mouth delicacies were also tasted at his company’s stand. “This product was made with passion,” said Marcin Paździor. “We want to demonstrate the true taste and flavour of chocolate. We highly recommend this year’s novelty, namely chocolates with black beans (tonka bean) and brownies in five flavours, prepared especially for the HoReCa industry.”

Plum tart made by M&K s.c. impressed all – with no exception – judges of the competition for the best fair product. Karol Łabędzki, the company’s co-owner, proudly and enthusiastically commented: “At the moment tarts are our speciality, and the plum tart is a proprietary idea. We are a family business, we have started with a traditional confectionery, but market conditions made us seek and find a slightly different approach to business. This is our Trade Fair debut and already on the first try we received an award. We are absolutely delighted with the atmosphere and the number of people visiting our stand.

“This is a very positive change, simply out of practical reasons. Easier access, bigger parking space, more room in the hall itself,” said Jarosław Ładziak, President of Papstar Polska. “This year we focus on pro-ecological products. Our 100% Fair series is fully biodegradable and the materials used include not only paper, but also wood, sugar cane and palm leaves.”

Julita Lewandowska representing Duni company emphasized the compliance of the company’s products with the latest trends – “At the Trade Fair, we promote napkins with innovative, reformulated structure. They are now biodegradable. Generally, we are focusing on pro-ecological products. Our offer includes new pads and sachets made of grass fiber. We are simply enchanted by this year’s edition of Trade Fair. Last year we collected about 100 customer surveys, this year he had over 70 on the first day, and even more on the second day. We also have quite a lot of orders, much more when compared to last year.

“At our stand, visitors can find mainly menu cards, as well as numerous hotel and waiters’ accessories. Alongside traditionally used natural leather, our offer also includes a novelty – environmentally friendly materials,” said Arleta Jasińska, Head of the Luva Sales Department. “Customers are literally besieging our stand all day long. We are very pleased, a big plus for the location and spatial design.”

Exciting competitions and master shows

The EuroGastro and WorldHotel trade fairs always reflect the latest trends in the gastronomy and hotel industry. It was no different during this year’s edition of the event. Each day in the three show zones competitions and shows were organized, which attracted the visitors’ attention.

The International CHEF Culinary Cup – 2019 edition was organized by Nestle Polska S.A. under the patronage of Jerzy Pasikowski, who was also the chairman of the jury. It was an excellent opportunity for professional chefs to demonstrate their culinary craftsmanship. The highlight of the finalists’ meals were the products of the new CHEF brand, developed by chefs and for chefs. “This year’s edition was interesting,” commented Jerzy Pasikowski. “It was attended also by foreign participants, often demonstrating a different approach. I guess they are more likely to rely on improvisation, while Poles are more systematic. I liked the new location of the Trade Fair. There is plenty of room here, especially when it comes to back-up and storage area, which makes the chefs happy and, most importantly, there are more visitors.”

The 13th Festival of Greek Cuisine was prepared by Theofilos Vafidis. An international jury evaluated the work of teams from all over Poland, whose task was to prepare original dishes using authentic Greek products. Teo Vafidis welcomed the new location of the Trade Fair. “This place offers many more opportunities,” he said. The Greek Ambassador to Poland, Evangelos Tsaoussis, who took part in the opening of the festival, was also very impressed. “It is a wonderful trade fair, it impressed me a lot. It is also an excellent opportunity to promote my country through cuisine, which is well-known and highly appreciated in Poland,” the Ambassador said.

The winners of the 11th edition of Robert Sowa’s competition “Kulinarny Talent 2019” (Culinary Talent 2019), organized by Robert Sowa’s Culinary Studio, were announced. The purpose of the competition was to select genuine and exceptional culinary talents among young people under 23. It was also a show of the latest trends in gastronomy, youthful imagination, combined with passion and bold decisions in blending different tastes and flavours.  “A multitude of attractions, high dose of emotions and an explosion of flavours,” Robert Sowa commented.

The EuroGastro and WorldHotel trade fairs are famous for their numerous, top-class culinary competitions. This year, the list was expanded with a new competition “Smart Cuisine – dietary meals”, addressed primarily to chefs for whom healthy and tasty cooking is an important element of professional life. The task was to create a competition dish under the slogan: “Carotenoids – natural dyes in vegetables and fruits as guardians of health parameters.”  The intention of the organizer – Chefs’ Club Foundation – is to change the way the restaurant is perceived: from a place where one simply eats tasty food to a place where one can also eat healthily. The initiator of the idea, president of the Chefs’ Club Jarek Walczyk commented: “The meals were very well prepared. The smiles of the female nutritionists in the jury meant that the competition was successful. An increasing number of chefs, as well as restaurateurs, are focusing on health-oriented solutions, as customers are increasingly looking for places where there are no compromises as regards this issue.” The chief judge of the competition, nutritionist Magdalena Wieczorek, added: “I was reassured that some nutritional restrictions do not mean that the meal must be deprived of any taste and flavour, it’s quite the opposite – and our chefs have a huge role to play here, too.”

“Debic Pastry Cup” made its debut at this year’s Trade Fair, organized by Paweł Mieszała, a star of the Polish confectionery industry, in cooperation with MT Targi Polska. The Competition participants were two-person teams consisting of a confectioner/pastry chef or cuisine chef and a helper/assistant chef, either working or attending vocational school. “This was the first edition of the competition, and it already proved to be very rewarding. The skills of participating teams were high and the competition itself was held on an equal footing. I am especially glad that the confectionery industry has found its place in this new fair space,” Paweł Mieszała said with satisfaction. The competition’s partner was Debic company, whose representative Estera Donder was pleased to state: “Paweł is one of our brand ambassadors. We were happy to welcome his idea to organize our own competition. I must admit that we were a little afraid of the new location of the Trade Fair, but as it turned out, it was absolutely unnecessary. This place is awesome and the well-arranged space does attract attention.” The next day it was time for master duet shows, which attracted a large audience. “These were cool freestyle shows of chef and confectionery chef in a duet,” said Paweł Mieszała. “It was very rewarding to watch how professionals work in a team.”

The International Bartenders Competition “Barmatic Cup”, organized by the Polish Bartenders Association stirred up a lot of emotions. As Ryszard Berent, the PBA President, noted: “We have been cooperating with the Trade Fair for many years. It is the biggest event for the gastronomy and hotel industry. This year, together with Fine Dine, we are organizing a competition that promotes not only the skill of making cocktails and drinks, but above all the bartending skills related to the use of the state-of-the-art technology.” The participants of the competition were judged by a tasting jury consisting of 6 members, including Tomek Małek, multiple World Champion in flair bartending. The competition was one of numerous attractions for enthusiasts of bartending art. On the second day of the Trade Fair, Tomasz Małek and Marek Posłuszny presented their original bartender tricks, including one with a simultaneous use of 32 glasses and most advanced blenders. The shows were enthusiastically applauded by the numerous audience. It is no wonder since, as Tomek Małek said: “The art of making drinks is currently experiencing its Renaissance.”

11th Olimpiada Kawy® (Coffee Olympics), organized jointly by Apro Trade/Academy of Coffee and MT Targi Polska, attracted baristas from all over Poland. The event met with such a huge interest that there were not enough seats in the audience. Just like at the Olympics, competition included different disciplines, which required different skills. They included, inter alia, “Caffe latte and macchiato art”, Cup tasting, Irish coffee, or “Timed espresso”. “We have been organizing the Coffee Olympics for the eleventh time” – said Tomasz Obracaj – “Our main objective is to educate baristas. This profession has its secrets and coffee is becoming increasingly more fashionable.”

New program for professionals

Two-day educational program titled “Professional Restaurant Manager”, developed by the Chefs Congress together with MT Targi Polska enjoyed great interest. More than 280 participants had the opportunity to discover the arcana of running a catering business. Both future and present managers had the opportunity to get acquainted with a comprehensive know-how package, prepared in a compact form, especially for the needs of this program. Agnieszka Huszczyńska from Evential company said: “This conference is different than all other conferences. It presents know-how and expertise necessary for managers, adapted especially to the needs and requirements of the HoReCa industry. The subjects vary – from general knowledge of economics, marketing and finance, to pricing policy and recruitment processes. Following the conference, we hope to organize a series of workshop meetings held in smaller groups.”

Wide choice of conferences and trainings

The Trade Fair was accompanied by numerous conferences, trainings and workshops, designed for industry experts and professionals.

The conference titled “Breadstuff in the catering industry – an obstacle or an opportunity?” was held under the patronage of Przegląd Piekarski and Cukierniczy (Bakery and Confectionery Review).  Paulina Kania-Lentes emphasized: “Breadstuff forms the basis of our diet. Not only is it a separate meal in itself, but it also accompanies other dishes. We want to dispel myths about gluten and reach not only the bakery industry, but the entire gastronomy, hence the choice of the EuroGastro Trade Fair.”

The training titled “Lack of motivation, staff turnover, poor sales? We know how to remedy this – team management in modern gastronomy” and “A modern restaurant that earns money – simple and effective solutions to boost turnover and profits” were organized by the company V4B – Vision For Business. “It is no coincidence that we are here. The trade fair is attended by the biggest number of companies’ decision-makers,” Piotr Rogowski explained. And Paweł Gruba added: “Our lectures are most effective when they reach restaurant owners and managers directly.”

Direct Selling Association of Poland invited all interested participants to the panel titled “Meet your business partner”, with the participation of Małgorzata Cieloch, spokeswoman of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. The discussion was moderated by Piotr Mazurkiewicz from the Rzeczpospolita daily.

During presentations and workshops, the Creative Agency Moxie presented the latest trends in consumer behaviour to the event participants. They were designed for and dedicated to managers and decision-makers running restaurants, hotels, franchise chains, fast food bars, as well as for those willing to introduce effective changes in their businesses, and for all those who wish to make more money.

Also the Rational company, which presented modern kitchen solutions, organized its conference.

In vino veritas

The “Czas Wina” magazine conducted a specialist training for sommeliers combined with workshops. It was led by Justyna Korn-Suchocka, editorial director of the magazine, graduate of WSET Advanced, authoress of several dozen articles and reports on wine. The participants could learn why it is worthwhile to diversify the menu with sparkling, sweet and fortified wines. Showcased wines were a bit different from those usually served in restaurants. During the workshops, the following questions were answered, inter alia – How to recognize premium sweet wine? Can it be served with meals? Where do the bubbles in wine come from? Why do some wines contain more alcohol than others?

During the press conference titled “Jantoń Company and Wino Makłowicz focus on Polish wines” an agreement was signed with the leading Polish vineyard Miłosz, and the idea of developing a comprehensive offer of grape wine was promoted. Full of optimism, Robert Makłowicz said: “Due to the global climate change, Polish winemaking has a colossal future.” Jakub Nowak, the President of the Jantoń Company added: “Signing this agreement is extremely important for us and we wanted to give it the highest possible status, hence the choice of the EuroGastro Trade Fair. There is no better place to reach the HoReCa market.” The wine-related topics were also presented at the Winterhalter Company stand, where one could discover different faces of Riesling, take part in the Riedel Glass Tasting, taste Pinot from Germany and find out how to choose wine for a restaurant.

Awards for the best

In the competition for the Best Product of EuroGastro Expo 2019, the jury evaluated five categories:

Heavy duty equipment for HoReCa – in this category, the winner was Koree Sp. z o.o. for its MERRYCHEF EIKON e2S convection microwave oven.



Kitchen background equipment (small equipment) – Papstar Polska Sp. z o.o. won the award for its PURE SERIES 100% FAIR” CATERING PRODUCT LINE.

Mentions were awarded to LabelFresh bvba -for its HACCP LABELFRESH PRO LABELS and Progressive BG Michał Wrzesień for its CHEF’S KNIFE, CHROMA BRAND BY F. A. PORSCHE, TYPE 301.

Food and drinks for gastronomy – NALEWKA CZTERY PORU ROKU (FOUR SEASONS TINCTURE) produced by Nalewki Staropolskie Karol Majewski and Współpracownicy Sp. z o.o. turned out to be unrivalled.



Restaurant, bar, café, confectionery store, ice-cream parlour equipment – award for Duni Sales Poland Sp. z o.o. – for NAPKINS 40X40 CM DUNILIN®.

Mention awarded to LUVA HandMade Menu for MENU CASE ARMSTRONG R7826.


Equipment and accessories for catering – the winner PLUM TARTE by M&K s.c.



In the competition for the Best product for hotels “THE BEST OF WORLDHOTEL 2019”, the winner was Electrolux for Electrolux Professional SPA – ELECTROLUX LAGOON ADVANCED CARE 2.0 WET CLEANING SYSTEM

Mentions went to GREEN CLEAN Sp. z o.o. for TOP BREWER, and i-Team Polska Sp. z o.o. for I-SCIENCE TRIO – grease removal system for grease separators, floors, equipment and extraction and ventilation systems.


In appreciation of their years of collaboration, Urszula Potęga, President of MT Targi Polska, awarded Grand Prix to Jarek Walczyk for long-standing cooperation, to Witold Karol Ignatowski, who 24 years ago came up with the idea of organizing a gastronomic trade fair and to Kazimierz Kowalski, the long-term director of the Jan III Sobieski Hotel, a relentless advocate of Polish cuisine.

Moreover, an award ceremony in the “Masters of Taste” plebiscite organized by Nasze took place during the Trade Fair.


See you next year

This year’s Trade Fair opened lots of new opportunities, created prospects for development and was held in an excellent atmosphere. We would like to thank most cordially to everyone who has made this year’s expo such a fantastic and successful event. Please feel welcome to join us at the 24th edition of the International Food Service Trade Fair EuroGastro 2020 and the 13th edition of International Hotel Facilities Equipment Trade Fair WorldHotel 2020, which will take place from 25th to 27th March 2020 in Ptak Warsaw Expo.

For more information on Trade Fair, please visit and, or check Facebook: @TargiEuroGastro


23rd International Food Service Trade Fair EuroGastro and 12th International Expo for Accommodation Facilities Equipment WorldHotel

27-29 March 2019, Nadarzyn, Al. Katowicka 62, Hall F, Ptak Warsaw Expo

Organizer: MT Targi Polska SA.,

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