“Culinary Talent”

“Culinary Talent”

It is my pleasure to invite you to the most important event within the gastronomic industry that is the Eurogastro International Gastronomy Fair in Warsaw. It is a place where brilliant chefs, restaurant owners, suppliers, companies that offer modern and innovative solutions meet.

I would especially like to invite to the 12th edition of the “Culinary Talent 2020” Competition organized by myself.

“Culinary Talent” is a prestigious competition which facilitates in discovering exceptional talents among youth under the age of 23 who begin their journey as culinary arts adepts. It is an opportunity to display recent culinary trends, discovered with passion, full of fantasy by young students as well as a display of boldness in combining flavors and various techniques of preparing dishes.

According to the adopted formula, the contestants will be young students recommended by culinary schools, which will ensure a high level of the competition. The contestants will have to prepare interesting, original, considering the taste, as well as elegant and exquisite dishes aiming at astonishing the jury.

By being awarded a “Culinary Talent”, the winners will have more opportunities of being noticed in the industry and having a wonderful start on the culinary career path.

The competition is also an opportunity for meeting famous chefs, being members of the jury and sometimes mentors for young cooks.

Competition organizers: Robert Sowa and MT Targi Polska.

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