5th Edition of the CHEF CULINARY CUP

5th Edition of the CHEF CULINARY CUP

I am pleased to invite to the 5th anniversary edition of the CHEF CULINART CUP under my patronage, which shall take place during the 24th EUROGASTRO International Gastronomy Fair, and similarly as in the previous year, it will be an international edition.

Just as in previous years, the upcoming edition shall be organized by Nestle Professional with my support.

The competition finals shall take place on March 25th, 2020, and at the same time, it shall constitute a presentation of fresh, fourth line of new products under the CHEF brand.

The competition, as the previous ones, is unique as the contestants will have the opportunity of preparing the main course basically without any culinary or product limitations. It is possible thanks to a special rating sheet prepared based on the sheet of one of the largest culinary competitions, which certainly is S. Pellegrino Young Chef.

All described rules and an international jury under my conduct, and with the support of Robert Sowa create a unique atmosphere of the competition, which draws more and more attention, becomes more significant and prestigious among cooks and chefs.

Therefore, once again I would like to warmly invite both Polish chefs as well as chefs from other European countries to participate in the next, 5th Edition of the CHEF Culinary Cup.

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