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EuroGastro and WorldHotel Trade Fairs as HoReCa industry quality standards

International Food Service Trade Fair EuroGastro 2017 and the 10th International Hotel Facilities Equipment Trade Fair WorldHotel have come to an end. 273 exhibitors from 15 different countries presented their offer and 19,457 people visited the Trade Fair and Congress Center on 5-7 April.

Representatives of the catering and hospitality industry got acquainted with the latest market trends and took part in interesting trainings. An additional attraction in the form of a culinary contest was organized by well-known and respected chefs.

Trade fairs for the HoReCa industry

An exceptional offer of exhibitors attracted many visitors. – This is a trade fair, there are no random people here. We are visited by the representatives of restaurants, hotels and restaurants – said Ruth Piekarska-Stefanini, project manager of Arexpol Products Poland, distributor of the highest quality olive oil and Jamón Iberico ham from Spain. – The awareness of Polish people in terms of nutrition is increasing, besides our society likes novelties – she added, pointing at organic olive oil with 23-carat gold nuggets.

Refined in every detail, the stands reflected the high quality of the products and customer care. – During the fairs, we want to introduce ourselves and mark our presence on the catering market. We want to show ourselves to the restaurateurs and inspire them, so we present ready-made solutions that can suggest new ideas to make the most of our products. – said Cezary Furmanowicz, Marketing Director of Selgros, a company which promoted its new Premium Transgourmet brand, including, among others, balsamic oil or fermented pepper.

Among the exhibitors were 40 foreign companies, who saw the potential of the Polish food market. – We are an Italian manufacturer of high quality kitchen equipment and innovative convection-steam ovens. For the first time, we came to EuroGastro to find agents and present our brand to the customers. We have perfect solutions for the Polish HoReCa market, which values high-quality products – said Martina Giacomini, sales representative of Tecnoinox. At the company’s stand, Chef Luciano Fraschetti was serving Italian delicacies fresh from the oven.

Along with EuroGastro, WorldHotel Fair was held, which perfectly supplemented the offer for HoReCa industry. Krystyna Blatsios from Greno, a company offering the highest quality hotel textiles, confirmed that it is a very successful combination. – We were previously exhibiting at WorldHotel Fair and we noticed that combining it with EuroGastro had a positive impact on the number of visitors and hopefully this will translate into a great performance. We are mainly visited by the representatives of hotels and people working in the catering industry – she confirmed.

Alfred Hauptmann, Managing Director of MEIKO Clean Solutions, known for its professional washing, disinfection and cleaning technology, has highlighted the importance of the event. – I have been to nearly 100 trade shows and I can safely say that EuroGastro represents a good European level. It is the largest national fair featuring the most important players in the industry, and the whole is reflected by the HoReCa Polish market – he said.

Exceptional offer of exhibitors

The exhibition area was divided into four sectors, and the comprehensive offer of the exhibitors was impressive. Sales representatives were happily presenting new items in the kitchen equipment section. – It is the only induction frying pan in the world with the ability to set the temperature with accuracy of 1°C. There are twelve innovative RTCSmp system sensors on the entire surface, maintaining the appropriate temperature during cooking or frying. This means that the dish is created in a very short time and does not lose nutritional values. Another advantage is small heat losses, as well as major energy savings during the cooking process. – said Tomasz Krake, corporate director of Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian company Welbilt, a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances.

Another attraction in the form of a special construction called Innovation Box was prepared by an expert in industrial washing systems – Winterhalter Gastronom Polska. During a presentation, reminiscent of a cinema screening, visitors were acquainted with the Pay-per-Wash offer, which calculates the actual wear and tear of equipment and the Connected Wash application. – Thanks to the latter, personnel in the kitchen or restaurant manager have the opportunity to view all stages of dishwasher operation. You can also have a full control of safety and optimization of the washing process. We were first to implement such a solution. This is an innovation that is already turning into standard – explained Marcin Wajda, PR and marketing director of the company.

Exhibitors, following the new trends, met the expectations of the food truck business, which is becoming increasingly popular. At the fairs, RATIONAL company presented its innovative equipment SelfCookingCenter® XS. – This is our smallest convection-steam cooking device that perfectly fits into any kitchen or food truck. It does not take up the worktop surface and replaces a number of devices that would normally not fit in its space. Intelligent SelfCookingCenter® XS processes are made for cooking, grilling or roasting, allowing you to prepare fish, schnitzel, pizza and all sorts of desserts – said Daniel Sielicki, National Corporate Chef RATIONAL.

In the second sector visitors were introduced to the furnishings of restaurant halls, bars and hotel facilities. Particular attention was paid to the drink machine created especially for the fair, ice cream and dessert machines and design coffee makers. Representative mini breweries, equally elegant porcelain, crystal chandeliers or table linen arose a lot of interest as well – We present new collections for 2017, including, among others, Communion and Easter designs. A tradition of Polish catering is to use mostly one-colored napkins, but we try to convince the customers to cover their tables with patterned collections. We show how to tailor the restaurant’s decor to suit the occasion or the season at a fraction of the cost – said Julita Lewandowska, sales manager of Duni Sales Poland, a company supplying disposable table covers and packaging for catering industry.

Fair visitors also liked to sit in a hotel room arranged by Andropol. Among novelties of the company with a 110-year tradition are towels stained with vat dye. – This is a method that allows safe washing at 90°C without losing color. The product was created as a result of the demand reported by hotels with spas – said Katarzyna Bogdańska from the promotion and advertising department. She went on to say that EuroGastro is a priority trade event for the company during the year, thus acquiring many new contacts and orders.

Another sector was created by food and drink, pastry and ice-cream going beyond the existing gustatory horizons. – We target our product at restaurateurs in large Polish cities and try to open them up to flavors of the South. We want to promote Italian culture in which olive oil is a separate ingredient and not an additive. It can also be very nicely displayed in the restaurant – Urszula Rzepczak, the owner of the company, and at the same time a journalist and sommelier who fulfilled her culinary passions at the fair, encouraged the products of Olio d’Autore. Next to Italian cuisine, you were also able to enjoy a variety of other dishes, including French gratin, Spanish tapas and Alsatian flatbread. The range of frozen and ready-to-eat foods was enormous. On the fair menu you could also find an array of drinks: tea, mineral water, healthy juices and smoothies, wines or craft alcohols. In addition, ice cream desserts and sweet pastries provided a real pleasure of the palate.

Time for real espresso

Staying in the coffee sector has brought together both taste and professional experience. A large number of exhibitors confirmed that the culture of drinking this aromatic drink in Poland is growing along with the professional advisory services – We created the Segafredo Academy to help our customers take care of the quality of the coffee served. Thanks to this, they can increase the turnover generated from the sale of coffee beverages by up to 60%. There are currently 4 barista-trainers working in the Academy, who have started work in the customer service department. Such preparation allows them not only to train the staff, but also to build a coffee menu or to advise which combination of Segafredo to choose to fit the character of each place. In the nearest future we plan to open a training center in Warsaw where we will also conduct commercial training. – says Joanna Sobyra, marketing manager of Segafredo Zanetti Poland. The interviewee reminded that properly made espresso has a fluffy foam on the surface, the so called crema. Properly made espresso brews for 25 seconds and should have a volume of 25 ml. -There is no espresso without crema. When we go to a restaurant and get a beer in which half of the glass is foam, we immediately return it and ask for the refill to the right volume. The situation is similar with espresso, however Polish consumers very rarely complain about improperly prepared coffee – said Joanna Sobyra.

In the Special Zone of Coffee Village, there was a free workshop for baristas, café managers and coffee lovers. Alf Kramer, an international coffee expert, compared coffee to wine during cup tasting training for baristas. – Coffee has a different taste, depth, aroma. Those who prefer sweet flavors should receive coffee from a specific blend of grains. A good barista will advise the customer on the brand he or she would like – he convinced.

Practical knowledge for people who have their own restaurant or work in a café was provided during the workshop on “How to create a cult café” by Mateusz Gaca, owner of the café “Brisman”. – A cult place is where people feel good on both sides of the counter. Coffee prepared for the customer must be of the highest quality, but it is also very important to take care of the staff. The point is to make the employees feel good at work, they should believe that this is a place with a future and prospects for a better pay – he said.

Also, Coffee Village hosted the 9th edition of Olimpiada Kawy® (Coffee Olympics), which was organized by Apro Trade/Akademia Kawy® (Coffee Academy) and MT Targi Polska, under the patronage of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. Justyna Gul, one of the contest participants, emphasized that it was an interesting experience. – We are getting comfortable with the stage, we are getting to know the rules followed by the judges while assessing. A bigger audience is an additional challenge for us – she said. Also during the fairs the finale of the 2nd Coffee Olympics for Catering Schools was decided, aiming at raising the level of education and practical skills of future baristas.

Successors of the masters

Everyday visitors were watching the exciting competitions organized by the culinary masters. – Thanks to the competitions, young people have the opportunity to get to know chefs and get noticed. I am glad that companies want to strengthen their image by working with catering schools and students – concluded Robert Sowa, author of the 9th edition of the prestigious “Culinary Talent” competition, which took place on the second day of the fair. The Jury, alongside with the professional chefs, was composed by famous and well-known journalists and presenters: Agnieszka Kołodziejska, Andrzej Sołtysik, Marek Sierocki, actresses Olga Bończyk and Katarzyna Cichopek, as well as commentator and former Polish footballer Marcin Żewłakow. The winners received valuable prizes, and when the results were announced, you could see the tears of joy on their faces.

On the first day of the fair, there was a second finale of “CHEF Culinary Cup” under the patronage of Jerzy Pasikowski and the last day featured “XII Greek Cuisine Festival” organized by Teo Vafidis. The jury wished a lot of success to the participants, and to themselves – a lunch at restaurants where future laureates will be working as chefs.

Valuable training

The EuroGastro and WorldHotel Trade Fair program was filled with thematic training that included catering and hospitality management. There were a lot of people willing to participate and the place had to be booked in advance. – Hotelier’s Academy training is directed at hotel executives and investors. They are held periodically and run by the best industry experts and leaders in their respective fields – said Mira Włodarczyk, organizer of the meeting devoted to maximizing the profit from the hotel business. Jerzy Miklewski, the owner of Projekt Hotel, stressed that the success of the hospitality industry required room-type thinking, and discussed the key standards of the hotel business. The speaker explained how to create a project budget and outlined two market entry strategies. Participants were presented with the graphs indicating the moment when a hotel should start to operate reliably and the timing to sell it.

Nearly 200 participants, mainly owners and managers of restaurants, chefs and those wishing to start a restaurant business, took part in the catering panels organized by the company Vision for Business. Experts have shown how to easily increase the restaurant’s turnover by 20% in three months and told them what to do to make their business profitable. – We told the participants about the key elements that affect the cost and staff management in a profitable restaurant. The lectures were based on our experience and examples of solutions from the most profitable restaurants in Poland – said Paweł Gruba, external manager of V4B. – There are as many problems as there are people, therefore we are addressing the topics that will improve the work of both restaurants that do well and those who need transformation to cope with the current challenges. – he added.

Moreover, the content-related part of the fair included a conference entitled “Together against market challenges of 2017” organized by the National Board of Gastronomy and Catering as well as a training: “Good start as a key to success – how to start in gastronomy in order not to finish too soon” by HSMI and “Menu Engineering – how to develop a profitable restaurant menu” by the gastronomy magazine Restauracja. A debate entitled “It’s a disaster! Shortage of workers. Is it really a thing?” was carried out by Made Solutions. The following lectures also took place: “A bite of the new media – how to effectively promote a restaurant” by Restaurant Week, “Rebranding in gastronomy – components of the process and ways of efficient implementation of changes that will increase the chance of business success” by Portal Gastronomii, “Effective hotel marketing” by group and “New technologies in HORECA. How to prospect for new customers and increase the volume of a single account owing to Powermat – a unique technology combing wireless charging with an intelligent mobile platform” by Powermat Polska. Fair participants also benefited from wine training, where they learned how to effectively sell wine in a restaurant and select an assortment.

Best of the best

In gratitude for many years of cooperation, Urszula Potęga, President of MT Targi Polska, handed the Grand Prix to Ireneusz Węgłowski, Jerzy Pasikowski, Teo Vafidis and Krzysztof Gonciarek.

In the competition for the best product of the 21st International Food Service Fair EuroGastro 2017, the winners were awarded the title of “Best Quality of EuroGastro 2017”, which is a synonym of excellent quality in the HoReCa industry.

In the category “Kitchen Equipment – Heavy Equipment and Furniture”, the main prize was awarded to Hendi Polska for the electric compact convection-steam oven Touch control 6xGN1/1, and the honorable mention was given to Bolarus for the refrigerated cabinet Pro C700 and Winterhalter Gastronom Polska for UC Connected Wash industrial dishwasher series. In the category of “Kitchen Equipment – Small Equipment and Accessories” the winner was Domowe Sanatorium – Zimnoch for the low-speed squeezer Kuvings Chef CS600. In the category “Dining Room and Bar Equipment” the price was awarded to Chris Krzysztof Sawicki company for the beef seasoning cabinet DX 1000, and the honorable mention was given to TOP SERW for the bottleless water dispenser BLUSODA. In the category “Catering Equipment and Accessories” the award was given to Gastromedia for modular buffet WMF QUADRO, while in the category “Training and Education in HoReCa industry” the award was granted to Patryk Szczepański for training in the confectionery field. In the category “Food for Gastronomy”, the winner was De Care Group which entered the competition with their product BIO Coconut Sugar House of Asia, and the honorable mention was given to Panegara for Koala passion fruit pulp. The last prize in the competition for the best product of EuroGastro Fair in the category “Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages” was received by Kaspar Schultz for a 10hl catering mini brewery.

In the competition “The Best of WorldHotel 2017” in the category “Hotel Equipment and Infrastructure”, the award was given to Magic Play for its educational sandbox. In turn, in the category “Devices and equipment for hotel gastronomy” the award was granted to MIL-System for a sturdy folding catering table with a polyethylene top ZOWN XL180. In the third category “New Technologies in Hotel Management”, the Jury gave honorable mention to abiLine Polska for its online hotel management system Save4hotels.

We are pleased to invite you to the 22nd edition of the International Food Service Fair EuroGastro 2018 and 11th edition of the International Hotel Facilities Equipment Trade Fair WorldHotel 2018 which will take place from 21 to 23 March 2018.

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