The Official Forwarding Agent Universal Express

Contact person: Małgorzata Stankiewicz

17 stycznia 45B (budynek Zephirus)

02 -146 Warsaw, Poland

Tel: + 48 22 100 28 90   —   Mobile:+48 601 808 559   —   Fax: +48 22 100 28 99

e-mail: uex@uex.pl

website: www.uex.pl


The Forwarding Agent provide services in the field of

  • house fair site, house transportation,
  • customs clearance,
  • unloading & reloading following to sender’s instructions,
  • support through our trained personnel with exhibits unpacking / repacking,
  • professional storage of empty cases, exhibits and stand building materials,
  • long-term storage of non exhibition goods,
  • rental of trolleys and transport platforms,
  • insurance of goods,
  • distribution of advertising materials following to client?s instruction.

We ask you to take advantage of our knowledge and experience of handling exhibits at Warsaw fair site, that you can concentrate on your main aim of your participation, the presentation of your exhibits. If you have any questions regarding the organization of the transport or the on site handling, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time. We will be able to give you all assistance and information that you require or trustfully contact our official correspondent in your country directly.

For more specific information please visit our website under www.uex.pl

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