Coffee Olympics® for the 10th time.


Coffee Olympics® for the 10th time.

We invite you to the 10th Jubilee edition of the Coffee Olympics®, which will take place as part of the EuroGastro Fair on March 21 and 22, 2018.

The basic aim of the competition is to spread the coffee culture among young Baristas taking part in it. Each of them will have to demonstrate their skills,

knowledge and passion in four disciplines. Espresso on time (how many, within 6 minutes, you can prepare the correct espresso), Latte Art (the art of painting on coffee with milk),

Irish Coffee (coffee with whiskey) and Cup Tasting (ability to distinguish coffee through aroma and flavor). Barists will be judged by Polish Barista Masters and accredited judges.

Organizers: Apro Trade / Akademia Kawy® in cooperation with MT Targi Polska under the auspices of Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.

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